Low Calorie Smoothie With Max 6 Ingredient

These recipes are amazing, healthy and low calorie and delicious. Especially during our diet we have more difficulty in desserts. And most of the time, when we say sweet, those that come to mind are sugar, pastry desserts, such as weight gain, or even to gain weight, which can cause us to eat too. Sugar also causes the formation of appetite.
Moreover, we should not ignore the harm caused by such sweets to our health.

If we want to eat both healthy and low calorie, very sweet foods and drinks.With the recipes I will give you, you will suppress your dessert needs and prevent weight gain with less calories.

Ingredients for Banana Persimmon Smoothie Recipe

200 ml. Low fat milk
1/2 piece of banana (60 grams)
3 pieces of palm
2 whole walnuts
10 grams of oat bran

Cut the dates from the seeds into small cubes.

Slice the peeled banana. Break the walnut into small pieces.

Take low-fat milk, oat bran, bananas, dates and all walnuts into the blender.

Pull all the material up to a thick consistency. Serve ready drink without waiting.

Ingredients for Beetroot Smoothie Recipe

200 grams of red beet (preferably pre-boiled)
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
100 grams of strawberries
100 grams of yogurt
1/4 bunch of parsley
10 grams of fresh ginger

Preferably remove the husks of the beetroots you have already boiled or rub them or peel them. Chop into small pieces.

Wash the straws in plenty of water and cut the ends in half. Strain the juice of yogurt.

Cut the freshly ginger peeled into small pieces. Extract the leaves of parsley one by one.

Take the pieces of yogurt, parsley leaves, lemon juice, beetroot, strawberry and ginger into the blender bowl.

Blend all ingredients in the blender until they become liquid and smooth. Serve without waiting.

Ingredients for Avocado Smoothie Recipe

200 ml. low fat milk
1/2 large size ripe avocado
2 tablespoons half fat yogurt
1/4 large green apples
10 leaves of fresh mint
1 wiping tablespoon honey

Cut one mature avocado in half and remove the core in the middle with a sharp knife. Take half and peel, then cut into small cubes.

Divide the green apple that you washed in plenty of water into four equal parts and take the seeded part. Carefully remove fresh mint leaves.

Take low-fat milk, avocado cubes, mint leaves, yogurt, honey and green apple into the blender bowl.

Bring all the ingredients in the blender for a short while until they remain lightly rough. Consume without waiting.

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