+7 Inspiratory Recycling Projects

The era of throwing old items is closing. Many metal, wood, plastic, glass and so on. we can paint our things and make them look more beautiful. For this, it is enough to choose special water based paints.

You can find the desired color when using these paints
There are techniques. The rest is entirely up to your imagination. A lot of people recycle their old items to make it look perfect.

The most important parts you should pay attention to when using these paints are;

  • You should discard the paint with a roller or brush.
  • If the paint is taken too much, some places will be painted thin and some places will be painted thick.
     this will disrupt the appearance.
  • The paint should be as thin as possible when making the first coat.
  • in subsequent paintings you will notice that the floor is slowly closed and is as desired.

You will be able to recycle almost all your belongings in this way and use them in a more beautiful way.
You can renew your wardrobe or dining table tv unit kitchen cabinets or even your doors with special water-based paints.

You can change not only the items you use or use, but also your accessories in the color you want.
You can replace a flower pot with geometric shapes or any color you like.
I will continue to share a lot of visuals so that you can have more ideas.

These ideas will not only change your home. Perhaps you could consider it a new business breakthrough. It’s just your ability and it’s about your imagination. It is also possible to generate revenue by selling your social media accounts which you think are good.

Of course, you need to improve yourself in painting techniques. There are many painting techniques that you can learn as antique look, marble look, gloss or matte finish. Let’s come to one of the most important issues, the use of sandpaper. A lot of people it is difficult to decide whether to do sanding before painting any of its articles. The easiest way to understand it is this.

If the furniture you decide to paint has a very slippery, smooth surface and the color is too dark and you want to paint this furniture in a light color, you must sandpaper. While doing this, you should not apply too much force on the surface and sanding in the same direction as possible.

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